Unique Businesses Need Unique Solutions.

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Understand Your Brand

We understand that building a brand takes years and degrading your brand only takes a few critical missteps.  This is why our first priority is to understand your brand positioning and its unique value propositions.

We aren’t experts in every category but we are experts in our field - Amazon. Let us learn from your category expertise and translate that into an optimized Amazon brand experience.

Check the Competitive Landscape

Amazon has 10's of 1,000's of brands selling something in every category and this can make standing out an ominous task.  Once we get an understanding of your brand positioning, we are able to assess, target, and take on your top competitors.  

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Craft a Lasting Strategy

The one thing that is permanent at Amazon is impermanence.  Nexus takes a data-driven approach to building strategies, meaning we continuously test different applications until we have found the right mix for every individual brand.  We know that certain nuances within Amazon will change, but our overarching strategy will still be relevant.